Some people are naturally photogenic. They're rare, most of us need persuasion to step in front of a lens, even then usually wince at the outcome. It was this awareness, and from experiences on both sides of the lens that gives awareness to capture stunning images and capture high-quality video.


Having your photograph taken or video captured shouldn't be a burden or a duty. It should be about bringing out your best, showing it off to the world. It should be CLEAR, it should be the best the eye can see. Clear Visuals is about giving you the best possible experience - and the VISUAL to go with it.


Clear Visuals was founded in December 2015 by Sean Sibert. Sean wanted to share his vision with the rest of the world and capture the memories of life. In 2016 he started getting into film and music videos and is perfecting his craft every day. 2018, was a growing moment for Clear Visuals, Sean then added Michael Sanchez as a photographer and gained traction to becoming a lead photographer and then becoming the CEO of Clear Visuals. With Sean’s help and guidance as a mentor by mid-year things needed to change with the demand, so we decided to re-brand, rebuild and with the commitment making every client number one and perfecting our craft to be the Visual company everyone wants to come to. Michael and his team commit their talent and time to each session as if it were theirs and creates a bond with each client. Today under the new name Clear Visuals, building a team of America's top photographers to capture your memories from Weddings, Events to Music Videos and Family Photo sessions.


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