Sean Sibert is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, philanthropist, and politician. Sean was born a Taurus, the product of two middle class, hardworking loving parents. As an only child, Sean started hustling and networking at a very young age. He remembers the days in elementary school selling sour gummy worms for profit. By age 12 Sean was running a very successful landscaping company that he would eventually sell off on his 18th birthday. He then moved his focus onto another trade and skill, installing satellites. Being successful and very talented at this trade, Sean wasn’t feeling it, he sure did love the up sale and that’s what got him into door to door sales for home security. At 23 years of age, Sean opened and ran his own home security dealership and quickly became successful in said field, gaining traction in Washington DC by being selected from google to represent businesses all around Idaho, eventually the trend for the door to door security businesses faded and Sean knew he had to grow to bigger opportunities and to do that he had to move out of state to expand. In 2012 Sean got into entertainment, something he has always wanted to be involved in since he was a child. Sean was the host and Lead investigator on a web series called Paranormal Discoveries. Which led him to open Emerald City Creative Entertainment LLC. (ECE), starting from the bottom and with ups and downs, Sean and several people along the way have built ECE what it is today. Sean has built a network along the west coast to bridge a gap and is motivated to take the brand to the East Coast in 2021. Today Sean (CEO), and the rest of the ECE team are working hard to make ECE the premier entertainment company in the nation and eventually around the world. Sean also has invested in the gold industry by opening a mining operation in the Idaho mountains. Fault Line Mining is mainly placer and lode claim mining. with over 120 acres Sean is set to build one of the biggest operations on the west side of the country. 

Here we are 2020, Sean and the ECE team has a big year planned. Sean and the ECE team along with Clear Visuals, have a networking and appearance, show and filming tour in March-July and another tour July-Sept. ECE roster is booking shows and appearances, and Clear Visuals is growing and better than ever. 

Sean is on the path to have a legacy to be proud of to follow, to get in touch or follow ECE and Sean’s progression, join him on his journey follow all ECE and Sean Sibert social media.